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Luxury to the exclusion of all else

The Exuma Cays

The Palms Resort is located in the heart of the Exuma Cays, a relatively untouched archipelago of 365 islands that is world famous for its crystal clear waters and serene white sand beaches. However, the ultra-wealthy, including many celebrities, are beginning to discover the islands and turn them into opulent personal abodes. Residents now include Johnny Depp, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Tyler Perry, Aga Khan, David Copperfield, Nicholas Cage, and LVMH CEO, Bernard Arnault, to name a few. The celebrity appeal is noteworthy as most destination resorts go to great lengths and expend significant amounts of capital marketing, specifically to celebrities. Interestingly, however, there are no existing resorts with over 20 rooms in the Cays, allowing for an unprecedented opportunity to create a high-end destination where the “rich and famous” already go.

Great Guana Cay lies in the center of the Exuma Cays, and is the only island that could support a critical mass of infrastructure including hundreds of residences, hotels, an 18-hole golf course, full-service marina, as well as a 5,000 feet airport with a Bahamas Customs Clearance House. The reason being, Great Guana Cay is by far the largest island in the Exuma chain of islands with a length of 12 miles. Furthermore, it lies 15 miles southeast of the Exuma National Land & Sea Park, which includes nearly 25% of the Exuma Cays, and disallows any commercial infrastructure.

The site itself is ideal for development as: (1) it lies adjacent to the existing airport with approvals for expansion; (2) it will have a 77-slip full service marina that will be closed off to all wave friction; (3) it can connect to the adjacent town of Black Point’s power and water supply located at the edge of the property line - reducing upfront costs; and (4) the site is located on the bayside with beautiful sunset views. Further, the interior of the property has elevations up to 25 feet. Thus, 100% of the home sites will have breathtaking water views, a unique feature which allows for a lucrative residential sales program.

The Exuma Cays


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