Little Creek Development

Luxury to the exclusion of all else

Introducing a residential resort experience like no other; an enchanted lifestyle destination beyond compare; a private respite from the outside world. Delicately cradled amid the pristine shorelines of The Exumas, this untouched oasis is embraced by endless luxuries and views that stir the soul.


Within 50 miles of Florida's coastline lies the entrance to The Bahamas, a 700 mile-long archipelago with over 700 subtropical islands, cays and reefs covering over 100,000 square miles of the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.  The actual land area of The Bahamas is approximately 5,400 square miles.  For the most part this extensive chain of islands, mostly uninhabited, are low and rocky, surrounded by coral reefs and sandbanks through and around which channels leads into the most perfect harbors and coves imaginable.  As spectacular as The Bahamas are for yachtsman the unhurried and serene lifestyle of the Bahamian people, particularly on the islands, is the perfect antidote for everyone to the hectic lifestyle found in most industrial countries.

The Bahamas became an independent nation on July 10th, 1973 after 300 years as a British Colony.  Along with this dramatic change in government came other problems associated with emerging third world countries.  The government now recognizes their country's most valuable asset, the crystal clear water, which ranges in color from a translucent midnight blue off the soundings to the palest of blue and bottle greens close inshore.  Then there are the beaches; remote and dazzling white or pale pink, with coral sand as fine as powder.  The bordering coconut palms and scrub serve merely to emphasize the brilliance of the water.  With this recognition comes utilization of these sources through development.  The government is now pro development and is designing programs to attract foreign investment as well as private investment from within the country. This approach is a departure from the past and is an encouraging sign that well conceived project will now flourish.

The Exuma Cays


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